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Welcome to BM Preserved Vegetal, the company specialized for years in Interior Design that stands out on the Italian and international market in the design and production of furniture Total Green. Today the company philosophy has led to the creation of collections that combine in themselves the fundamental concepts: quality, flexibility, eco sustainability.

il MosS Lichen

In the pristine nature of the forests of Lapland, the Reindeer Lichen (Cladonia Stellaris) grows in protected areas ensuring the natural ecosystem of the "land of the ice." Lichen, or "Moss", is grown in special areas, harvested, dried and then stabilized by a process that uses only natural substances. The foliage, mosses or lichens, used for the realization of the stabilized green, undergo a particular process of stabilization in the best moment of their life cycle. The preservation of flowers and plants occurs through the substitution of the sap with a 100% BIODEGRADABLE product based on natural glycerin and water that allows the perfect and unchangeable maintenance for over 10 years

Features of Moss

Moss is used exclusively for indoor environments with a minimum moisture content of 50%. The exposure to sunlight leads to drying out of the fact Moss: in this case just a few splash of water to bring it back to its natural consistency. It occurs naturally with a neutral color but with the addition of natural pigments can be offered in different colors. The lichen does not attract insects will dust due to its hygroscopic movement. Moss is self-extinguishing and has excellent insulating properties. In addition, the natural lichen stabilized, has an excellent property of SOUND ABSORPTION. Finally, you can recreate your green space wherever you want, without the need for care, without water, electricity and proper temperatures and without any maintenance

Green design

The green stabilized combines the beauty of the plants to the comfort and practicality of the green maintenance-free, with the possibility of recreating a green space even if the conditions do not allow the survival of the green "living." Our cadres Lichen stabilized the line BM Stabilized INNOVATIVE products are designed specifically for interior environments, the result of years of experimentation with which we can finally bring the nature and ANYWHERE WITHOUT MAINTENANCE, even where the conditions do not permit the survival of green "living."   The stabilized green used by us can take any form, including customized, so it can be placed in each wall of an interior, maintaining freshness and softness longer.

plants, paintings, spheres
and Green Walls

natural lichen walls

Ready or customized, classic or colorful, paintings, our balls or panels for walls stabilized lichen are the ideal solution for those who want to bring a little 'green indoors, but did not have an obligation to care and maintenance some plants. Can be installed anywhere thanks to their lightness, they are perfect for any environment.


Production of walls and plant paintings tailored

Green scenery without care that integrate seamlessly with its surroundings. The stabilized green used by us can take any form so as to be placed in each wall of an interior, maintaining freshness and softness longer.

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